Travel Dead Light, for Big Pike

Travel Dead Light, for Big Pike

16 November 2020

Deadbaiting need not be a case of lugging tons of gear down to the bankside and sitting still in one spot, travelling light on small rivers can pay dividends, and although the waters may look small the fish they hold may not be!

Harrissportsmail have a range of gear to help you bank that next monster.

Preparing all your gear so it fits in a rucksack with everything to hand helps

A good unhooking mat is vital if you are to look after your catch.


Getting rigged up at home with a simple float set up and folding your rods up helps get you fishing quickly

Deadbait floats

A big tangle free net will save you loads of trouble.

Once you have everything ready you can cast your dead bait rods out

With all this gear you just have to find the fish!