The Americans are coming!

The Americans are coming!

8 March 2021

Although we don’t have large and smallmouth Bass here in the UK some of the products that are working with great success are finally coming to the UK from bonafide retailers.

We have been carefully selecting some of the best products the USA has to offer and making sure they are available to you next day from the UKs leading lure fishing supplier Harris Sportsmail.

If you follow the Bass pro tours and have heard the tales of anglers winning millions of dollars, well you must have heard of Kevin VanDam or KVD for short. This guy is the all-time money winner in professional Bass fishing having amassed a very nice sum of over £7million pounds!!

Luckily for us Kevin has selected a few of his hit products that can be used in the UK and Europe to help you catch more fish, they probably won’t get you anywhere near 7 million quid but every little helps as they say!

The first product to really catch our eye and our Perch is the Strike King Bitsy Bug Mini Jig.


At on 3.5g this lure fits perfectly within our styles fo fishing in England for Perch and Zander. With its quality silicone skirts this lure gives off a massive pulsating movement, perfect for attracting perch in the Spring/Summer months.


The next product needs no into really, the KVD Ned Ocho is one if Strike Kings perfect plastics range and in its smaller sizes its absolutely perfect for big perch and Zander. The colours have been especially selected for our waters and fished in conjunction with the Strike King Ned heads these lures will definitely help you bag that PB.


There aren’t many closed eye spinnerbaits around in the UK and definitely not many with the Strike King or KVD pedigree. Again, its small size and lightweight make it perfect for fishing our canals and rivers and suitable for all kinds of fish, Perch love 'em, Chub do and so do Pike and Zander. With a slow start up and quick inertia blade this lure is lethal when the water is coloured.


We would have never of thought the words sexy and frog could go together but they can! This KVD range frog is simply one of the best topwater lures available, and the strikes you get when fishing one of these are just spectacular. The key to this great lure is its fully sealed nose so that it doesn’t dive, and the collapsible legs and soft material that make hook ups simple. You need one of these in your box as soon as the waters warm up.

If you are seriously into your lure fishing check out the rest of the Strike Pro range here at Harris Sportsmail.