Sustainable Fishing in a Changing Environment

Sustainable Fishing in a Changing Environment

24 April 2020

For many of us, fishing has had to become something to look forward to *hopefully* in the near future, not a normal and regular part of our lives. While this pandemic has seen much sorrow and pain, we have to search for the silver linings where possible. Us anglers love to be out in nature, we take it all in on when out on the swim. So is nature healing, and how will we change to help the environment we love?

Nature is healing?

While it might be a push to say nature is healing, the effects of the almost standstill the world has come to can be seen.

You might have seen the images of the waters in Venice clearing for the first time in years due to reduced boat pollution. It does show that we are the problem, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be the solution. A change in our habits and values is bound to happen when we see news like this, fake or not. There will be limited boat pollution all over the world now, which although temporary, will help sea and river life thrive and heal.

Sustainable values

Our personal values and acceptance of the throwaway culture we once found ourselves in are likely to shift for many. We are to become more conscious and careful with what we buy and how it is affecting our planet.

Not only does used line pose a threat to wildlife, but 400 million metres are discarded a year. While unavoidable in some circumstances, be aware that you can recycle certain lines with the Anglers National Line Recycling Scheme. They currently recycle:

  • Nylon monofilament
  • Braided lines/fly backing
  • Fly lines

So, find out where your nearest drop point is and do your bit to prevent it going to landfill. When things return to normal, you can bring your used line to our store in North Walsham! We’ll give you a free re-spooling service and you’ll get 10% off a new line bought when you recycle with us. For more information on the ANLRS, read our blog on it, and how we come in.


Have you been trying to wrestle your kids to the bank for years? After this is all over, there’ll be no better time to get your family out on the bank, away from the screens and into the nature they’ve surely been craving while in isolation. You don’t understand what you’re missing, until you’re told you can’t experience it.

If children hold an appreciation for nature from a young age, they’re more likely to respect it going into adulthood. Showing them the wonders of our planet, and the beauty that one day might be perished by climate change if we don’t act now, will lead them to have a more sustainable and environmentally conscious outlook on their lives going forward.

So, grab them that Leeda 10ft Coarse Outfit, and get them excited about nature, they’ll thank you for it one day. There are loads of appropriate tackle for beginners, share and pass on your passion.

Recycling old tackle

Now is the perfect time to take a peek into the shed and have the sort out of all your tackle you’ve been putting off for months. You might have treated yourself to a new rod and reel recently, but instead of letting your old tackle gather dust or throwing it away, see if you can donate it.

Organisations such as The Angling Initiative are re-homing the tackle you no longer use, donating it to young Anglers who want to get into the sport but haven’t had the financial means to. You may know of a similar organisation near you, or of someone who is wanting to try their hand at fishing. We must reuse and repurpose where possible.

Change the way you think

None of us can wait to get back out on the swim, but perhaps this uncertain time might cause a sustainable ripple to flow throughout people, making them more environmentally conscious. Without nature, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love!