National Fishing Month 2018

National Fishing Month 2018

17 July 2018

It’s everyone’s favourite month of the year again, or at least it is ours! National Fishing Month!

This time, National Fishing Month starts on 27th July and finishes on 2nd September. Don’t ask us why it’s closer to two months than one, we don’t know, but you won’t find us complaining.

The main idea behind National Fishing Month is to get more people into fishing, both young and old alike, no matter what your fishing experience is. Many fishery owners and coaches will be giving their time to support this great event, so if you aren’t fishing already, by September you are sure to be hooked!

So what is National Fishing Month trying to do?

  • Increase the number of people taking up the sport of fishing
  • Inform people about the various different benefits of fishing
  • Improve the diversity among anglers
  • Influence decisions about environmental policy and wildlife management so that angling and its importance is taken into account

So what is actually happening?

To celebrate this glorious sport, all over the country coaches are giving their time to teach newcomers the basics of fishing. At many locations, fees are waived and tackle is often free of charge.

How can you get involved?

If you want to organise an event of your own, you can contact National Fishing Month directly here to register your event.

But if you are looking to get people into fishing or just brush up on your knowledge you can find the full list of events happening all over the country by visit their website. Many of the events are free and include all the fishing tackle and bait you would need for the session, and have the aim of teaching you everything to be able to fish independently.

What if I get hooked?

If you go and find out fishing is the thing for you, firstly welcome to the club, and secondly, you’ll be wanting your own rod, tackle and - most importantly - license.

Anyone over 13 years old needs a licence to fish, but they are free for 13-16-year-olds. Just make sure you always have it with you whenever you head out to the water. You can buy them:

For rod, tackle and all other fishing gear we have you covered!

Fishing Rods – A great place to start is getting a good all-rounder rod.  Spin rods are ideal for beginners as they are lightweight with a flexible tip, so they are far more forgiving. It is best to start with a rod between 6 and 10 feet long.

Fishing Reels – Spinning reels are a great beginner choice as they are one of the easiest to control while casting. They can also be some of the most versatile designs, providing you with the ability to fish from any location.

Fishing Line - There are two main types of line, monofilament and braid. Braid is ideal for detecting bite as it is much lighter than mono, but this comes with the drawback that it is far less forgiving and harder to tie knots in. We suggest starting with a 10-15lb mono line, as it has enough weight for ideal casting, and also provides a bit of stretch so it is nice and forgiving. Also, when you’re done with your line, bring it into us for recycling.

Fishing LuresWe suggest starting off with artificial spinning lures, as you don’t have the added hassle of rigging up bait that can be overly fiddly for a first-timer. These imitation lures are also great to use, as they mimic real fish, not just with how they look, but also how they move. This means you don’t need to worry about how you retrieve your lure, you just need to reel it in slowly.

Fish Care Once you’ve caught fish, to find out what to do to look after them, check out our Carp Care blog post!   

So no matter what you’re planning this month, just make sure to find time to fit in some fishing! To find out even more about National Fishing Month, check out their website for all news and updates on everything that is happing in July and August.