Nash Church Lake Fishing Trip

Nash Church Lake Fishing Trip

18 July 2019

We have recently returned from a 5 day fishing trip at Nash’s Church Lake, and to say we had an amazing time would be an understatement. This is a fishing paradise and if someone had asked us before we left if this place was really worth £100 a night? I would now say if it was £300 a night, it would still be worth every penny!


Church Lake in Essex is made up of 8 swims, spaced out over 4.7 acres. The lake is stunning with deep reed fringed margins. 2 islands down the middle of the lake with a couple of lovely overhanging willows. The place really did look the part!

The lake itself has a clay bottom, which really keeps the water rich in nutrients. The water is very weedy and crawling with naturals. Understandably, the fish grow to massive sizes in Church Lake, but you have to be prepared to fish through some spots that can be thick with weed, especially at this time of year.

Nash Church Fishing Lake


Before leaving, we were warned that the lake was going to be really hard but the rewards would be generous, if you’re willing to put the work in. This made us feel slightly out of our depths, but we were ready for the challenge.

We spent the majority of the first day with markers looking for clear spots in the silkweed. Once we were happy with our spots, we chilled in the lodge and of course had a few beers.

Church lake fishing rod


The first 24 hours were MENTAL, resulting in a 48lb mirror after 10 minutes of casting out, a 31lb common in the night and a double take which included a 27lb mirror and the lakes big common at 47lb in the morning for Jack. I got the ball rolling with a 29lb just before dinner on the first evening.

To say the least, we were tested, tried and extremely tired! Catching a 29lb mirror straight away, followed by a few stockies. It was looking hard going, but the last 24 hours was our real breakthrough! With a 30lb stunning fully scaled, shortly followed by a 42lb mirror, then a few hours later the lakes big common also slipped into my net at 3oz heavier.

Fishing Carp

Fish Carp

All of the bites came fishing over a spread Nash Scopex Squid either whole or crumbed with a mix of tigers, particle and corn over the top.

Fishing bites

All in all, the 5 days resulted in nearly 400lb of carp:

      • 4 x 40s
      • 2 x 30s
      • 5 x 20s
      • And a few stockies

A few British PB’s were set during this trip and we can’t see them being beaten anytime soon.

Fishing Nash Church Lake