The Story of Korda Kiana Carp Goo

The Story of Korda Kiana Carp Goo

10 November 2017

Kiana Carp Goo has dominated fishing banks all over the world for five years now. What’s surprising is that the formula has been used in South Africa for about two decades! It was a closely kept secret until Korda bought the distribution rights. So how did this come about?

South Africa’s secret weapon

Loutjie Louwies created the Goo in South Africa. His ingenious invention flew under the radar, at least in the UK. Loutjie later joined South Africa’s carp fishing team. Around this time, they gained international prominence. As you can guess, this was not a coincidence. Loutjie’s invention was about to make waves.

The English angler was unprepared to get beaten at his own game. But in the 2008 World Carp Championships, it happened. England came second to South Africa. Like the thrashings Hungary’s football team gave England in the 1950s, this was a wakeup call. It was a sign that England should get over itself and look beyond its borders for tactics.

Ian Huntington, Korda Carp Team England manager and owner of Kiana Carp, fished next to the South African team in the 2008 Championships. He and his angling partner Pete Holehouse were amazed at what they saw. The South African anglers out-caught them by three carp to one! It didn’t make sense to the no1 ranked UK match carp anglers. The South African team seemed technically inferior. The only clue they gave away was a bright green flash on the surface of the water.

Attempts to replicate the recipe

Ian and Pete returned to the UK to reproduce the green flash. They spent years trying to replicate the recipe. During this time, the underdog South African team kept winning. By 2011, they won their fourth World Championship medal in a row. Before Loutjie joined them, their only prizes in the last 10 years were one individual silver and no team medals.

Nobody could work out the formula that transformed this team. But Ian did eventually get his hands on it. He had struck up a friendship with the goo’s creator. In 2011, Loutjie entrusted Ian with Europe-wide manufacturing and distribution for the Goo. Ian was amazed at how complex the formula was, and how far off his guesses were.

To this day, other tackle manufacturers are trying to replicate the Goo. What makes it special is how it appeals to fish on several levels. Like a lot of liquid attractants, it has a scent that stimulates the fish’s feeding response. But it’s the visual that really pushes it over the edge. Ian and Pete saw a green flash on the water’s surface. Under the water however, the fish see a distinctive, smoky cloud. It’s the scent and the sight that combine to make this Championship-winning Goo so effective.

The Goo makes a splash

Korda employee Ali Hamidi, got to give the Goo its first thorough test. On August 2011, he went fishing at Layer Pit in Colchester. He put out two rods with the same Funnel Web bag mix. The only difference is that one had an application of Kiana Carp Pineapple Power Smoke. The rod with Goo caught seven, while the one without didn’t get a single bite. Others at Korda got similar results. One was Jon Mann, who took 14 fish in one session, while the goo-less rod in front of him only managed seven. There’d never been one single product that made so much of a difference.

By 2012, Kiana Carp Goo released in six different flavours. It was an immediate hit. Anglers saw the same kind of results as Ali Hamidi and the four-time world champions. It’s more expensive than most liquid attractants, especially considering bottles are only 115ml. The market’s consensus is that it’s worth every penny.

Korda has responded to the glowing reception by releasing dozens of new flavours over the years. You can find all the different flavours of Korda Kiana Goo on sale here. The recipe is still a secret, but the Goo itself is, after more than 15 years since its creation, very attainable.