Harris Sportsmail Winter Carp Fishing Tips

Harris Sportsmail Winter Carp Fishing Tips

11 January 2021

Looking out the window and listening to weather forecast doesn’t really inspire a carp fishing session at the moment, but, and it is a but, there are fish to be caught, and those who are braving it are being rewarded.

With a few simple tips and tweaks you can still enjoy red hot action even if the temperatures are freezing cold.

1: Location Location Location

Take a trip out to your local water without your gear in the afternoon and keep an eye on marginal reeds and look out for any movement, these will be regular itching posts, and the fish will return to them time and time again whatever the weather.

ESP Sonar Mini Marker Floats

2: Dont be an early bird

The colder the day, the later we start as a rule. The carp are more active in the later parts of the afternoon until an hour or so after dark. Hitting them at the wrong time can be a waste of time.

Dont forget to wrap up either, have a look at something like the Nash ZT clothing range, there is nothing worse than sitting there freezing cold.

3: Go small or go home

Smaller baits like the Mainline Hi Visual mini pop ups fished with a small PVA bag like the Korda solids in small with very few free offerings works well for even the biggest carp in the lake.

4: Give em some goo!

Using Korda goos, like the smokes, or the supremes every cast works well in the summer but even better in the winter. This stuff gives you the maximum amount of attraction in the water without anything of substance to fill them up part from your bait.

5: Get ziggy with it

I know a lot of waters where the fish dont ever seem to just rest on the bottom over winter, instead they prefer to almost levitate mid water only moving to eat, that’s where the zig comes in.

The Korda ready zigs in 8ft come complete with the hookbait, all you need to do is glug em up with goo and throw one out. The zig can be a real blank saver in the winter, avoiding it can be a big mistake.

6: Bring out your dead

A hugely over looked tactic in the colder months is the humble dead maggot. I like to thread as many as i can get on the hair rig of a Korda DF ready tied size 8 fished with a small PVA bag or small mesh the dead maggot rig can produce the goods on even the coldest of days.

7: Get on the Chod

Casting around and giving each area half an hour so is best done with an easy rig like the chod. This time of year you probably know what its sat over and presents perfectly. Its never been easier to set one up, and its all available off the shelf, just tie them on.

Korda Chod rigs

Korda naked chod safety system