Hardy's New Reels for 2018

Hardy's New Reels for 2018

3 November 2017

At Harris Sportsmail, we’re proud to represent brands like Hardy Fly Fishing. They have maintained a reputation for quality over the last 100 years. However, it takes true innovation to stand out in today’s competitive market. Fortunately, this is what Hardy have brought to the table this year with their new reels. We’ve selected three reels to examine for this blog post. These reels, the Cascapedia, the Ultralite MTX and the Ultralite SDSL, represent Hardy’s ambitions for 2018.

Hardy Cascapedia

As a brand, Hardy like to pay homage to their traditional reels, whilst continuing to push the envelope technically. Hardy’s excellent craftsmanship brings the old and new together perfectly. This is clear when looking at the Cascapedia. Compare the 1930s model to the present, you’ll see not much has changed in terms of look.

1930s and 2018 Cascapedia reels

The Cascapedia comes in 4 models. Hardy state the range covers ‘every fresh water application from trout to two handed spey.’ The two smaller reels in the range utilise a traditional click check system, with adjustable click drag. The larger reels however, operate with a high performance disc drag system, controlled by a one turn regulator at the back of the reel. The Cascapedia is made with bar stock 6061 aluminium, known for its excellent corrosion resistance. So, just like the Hardy brand itself, this reel will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Hardy Ultralite MTX

Hardy has never been afraid of ‘firsts’. In 1891 they launched one of the first reels to introduce a revolving ring line guard. 70 years later, they released one of the first spinning rods. Now in 2017, Hardy have released their first reel with a hybrid cage, made from carbon fibre and aluminium. This creates a groundbreaking balance between durability and lightweight performance.

Hardy 2018 Ultralite MTX Fly Reel

The milling of the Ultralite’s spool walls and bottom offers even further weight reduction. To design such a durable reel without making it cumbersome is quite a feat. A unique colour coded drag regulator also helps anglers quickly find their most comfortable setting. It is therefore unsurprising that it was awarded Best Fly Reel at Efttex 2017. Hardy describe the Ultralite MTX as ‘a new benchmark in reel design.’ When a brand like Hardy makes that kind of statement, it means they have the goods to back it up.

Hardy Ultralite SDSL Fly Reel

Hardy’s offerings this year definitely make a statement: you can have efficiency without compromising on strength. Made from the same barstock 6061 alloy as the Cascapedia, the Hardy SDSL is designed for long saltwater angling sessions. This can be seen in its drag system, reinforced by five durable seals.

Hardy 2018 Ultralite SDSL Fly Reel

Hardy are superb at meeting the needs of the common angler. When you unscrew the spool release, you’ll see the design has been streamlined to eliminate any small parts. This will save you fussing about the bottom of your carryalls, or your boat, to look for any missing bits. The SDSL comes in four sizes, the largest in the range being perfect for offshore fishing.

Finally, we have to talk about how the Ultralite SDSL looks. The combination of the silver and blue is slick and modern. It practically oozes prestige. Never ones to prioritise style over substance, the look of a Hardy reel is a finishing touch to emphasise the beauty of its craftsmanship. It makes a simple but bold statement, that these reels are truly something special.

These reels are sure to make for exciting fishing in 2018 and beyond. We want to hear from you if you’ve purchased one of these new reels. Feel free to send us your thoughts, or any photos and videos, to us on Facebook or Twitter. Or, if you have Instagram, tag us at @harrissportsmail. We sell a comprehensive range of Hardy products at Harris Sportsmail, all at the lowest price online.