Get ready for opening day with these top essentials from Harris Sportsmail

Get ready for opening day with these top essentials from Harris Sportsmail

14 June 2021

There is still nothing quite like the glorious 16th, anglers up and down the land hovering over their fishing rods at midnight just waiting for that first cast into the river.

Before that though, and to get you going we have some great products that will help you enjoy the start of 2021s river campaign.


Drennan have been synonymous with cracking products for years now, and this year is no exception. Catering for the natural venue angler as well we have selected some of this years top picks.

First up we have the Acolyte range of rods including the new 12ft and 14ft distance rods. These make superb river feeder rods thanks to their action. Usually distance rods are made far too stiff resulting in hook pulls, Drennan have sorted this out working with greats like five times world champion Alan Scotthorne and Team England Manager Dean Barlow.

If you are going to buy a new river rod this year, make sure you have a look at this range.

Drennan Acolyte 14ft Distance Feeder Rods

Drennan Acolyte 12ft Distance Feeder Rods

The guys at Drennan have also managed to somehow cram a lot of these features into the Vortex range of rods that offer superb value and we are sure you will see these frequently on a riverbank near you this season.

The 13ft float rod being the pick of our bunch, a perfect rod for trotting down a stick float or launching a waggler to the far side, a great rod for the money.

If you are going to have a bagging session this year you also need to land them and they haven’t forgotten to use all of this new technology on the Vertex landing net handle. Strong and lightweight this can handle that extra bit of flow or extra reach when needed.

If a more specimen type of a approach is more of your favour Drennan haven’t forgot about the barbel angler heading to the river Trent, Severn or Wye.

The Rucksack range is one of the most reliable and well thought out we have ever sold. Sizes are available for the roaming angler who likes to change swims when fishing for barbel, or the longer session angler with the 40l size rucksack.

Both of these have fitment options to put an unhooking mat on, to save you lumping a heavy load from swim to swim.

Dont forget to have a look at the rest of the Drennan range on our page here to find the perfect products for this years river season. Wether you are fishing for Barbel or Bream, we have got this covered.

Baitwise, the guys have selected some superb ground baits and additives to kick your season of with a flyer.

If its big barbel you are after then you cant go far wrong with this stinky new groundbait from sensas, with the strength to pull anyfish from out of its snag pit and get feasting on this stuff. It contains everything a barbel loves, hemp, and halibut pellets.

If its bream you are after this season, then this ground bait does exactly what it says on the bag. Easy to mix, and very effective this is perfect for early season bream on the river.

Dont forget to top up on your feeders and hooklengths. There is nothing like turning up on the first weekend with either old line or none at all, and not enough feeders to see you through that red letter day.

Our go to feeders are the ever reliable Drennan mesh feeder in all sizes

If its barbel you are fishing for in fast flowing rivers then the Oval feeder again from Drennan is perfect to get that bait down and the barbel munching.

Dont forget its all about enjoyment and leave only footprints. Looking after our rivers is hugely important and taking your litter home should be second nature.

If you have any great catches on any product purchased from Harris Sportsmail in the first few months of the season, please send them in and we will pick a winner to feature on our Facebook page and social media channels with a prize.

Get out there and catch this fish of your dreams this year with Harris Sportsmail.