Get Fishing this Half Term with the Angling Trust

Get Fishing this Half Term with the Angling Trust

8 February 2018

As you may or may not know, half term is almost upon us, so there has been no better time to get your children into fishing! But don’t worry, there is an easy solution to planning your next family fishing day, as the Angling Trust are here to help you out. They have a great campaign running all over the country, aptly named ‘Get Fishing’.


The Get Fishing campaign has been set up to help people either wanting to get into fishing, or just to find a new place to cast off, and with this they run educational events about all different sorts of fishing.


This half term there are regular events all across the country to get you and your family into fishing. All of the activities are designed to encourage those new to angling to learn all what it entails and to take up the sport: from how to use fishing tackle and bait, to catching fish and making sure you can return them to the water safely.


To attend any of the events, all you need to do is sign up and then turn up on the day. You’ll be given all the tackle and bait that you’ll need, and a 1 day Environment Agency fishing license is included (these licenses are usually £12) and all for the low price of just £10 per session! The events are fully staffed, so there will be someone on hand to answer any questions you may have about your local club or fishery. To find an event close to you please visit Get Fishing’s website.


However, if you are already a fishing-savvy family, there are still events for you. The Angling Trust have also joined with some clubs to run sessions on how to get into different types of fishing, including canal, carp and predator fishing. So there’s really no excuse not to get back on the river this half term!


If you have any questions, about fishing or what to expect before you go, we are on hand to help, so feel free to drop us a message. And don’t forget about us once you’re hooked and need to buy your first rod! We stock plenty of fantastic starter fishing products and tackle – and can advise on the best ones to get you started. Click here to get in touch!