Fishing Locations in Norfolk

Fishing Locations in Norfolk

12 September 2017

Harris Sportsmail is proud to be based in one of the best fishing counties in the UK. With dozens of rivers and fisheries, not to mention an expansive coast, where do you even start? If you’re looking for the best of what’s on offer, here are some tips on fishing locations.

Where to fish in Norfolk

It won’t surprise you to hear that it really depends on the season. October is when freshwater fish move upstream to avoid the salt tides. That makes Dilham Staithe a great fishing destination since it’s at the top of the River Ant. So park yourself there and you’ve trapped the fish heading upstream. You can even rent a boat and moor while you fish.

Ant Mouth and Thurne Mouth are both good daytime summer spots. The water stays colourful, making fish more likely to feed. Look for fish-holding features like overhanging trees. During the summer, rivers are slow and clear. Fish are also dispersing and all this makes it harder to catch them. That’s why you should consider Wayford, which has loads of little spots under trees. It’ll be harder to catch anything if you don’t take advantage of fish-holding features.

You can find privately owned fisheries all over Norfolk. They can be costly, and some memberships include hidden charges like joining fees. However, the owners keep the water stocked with big fish from a variety of species. They also regulate the place and prevent things like littering.

Fishing holidays

A lot of anglers prefer to sort their accommodation and find a fishing spot at the same time. Yaxham Waters is a Norfolk destination that lets you book your holiday around fishing. You can book a lodge that offers access to one of their private lakes. Holiday destinations like this are convenient because the fishing body is so close to where you’re staying.

Permit-free fishing

If you have the equipment and a licence, you don’t need to pay to fish. That is, if you can find a free fishing spot. Luckily, Norfolk has lots of hidden gems. One enterprising angler even came up with a Google Maps viewer of spots. Each location has a description that tells you whether it’s permit-free, has free parking or both.

These are the free fishing rivers in Norfolk and where you’re able to fish from:

River Ant – four locations:

  • A public staithe at the bottom of Barton Turf village
  • Banks near Ludham Bridge
  • Stalham Staithe beside Staithe Road, near the A149
  • Irstead Staithe near Irstead church

River Bure – three locations:

  • South Walsham Broad from Fleet lane South Walsham
  • Coltishall Common by The Rising Sun Pub
  • Wroxham Broad just before Wroxham sailing club down the Avenues Road

River Chet – off the A146 between Norwich and Lowestoft, all the way from Loddon to Hardley Cross

River Hitch – North and South Beach in Heatcham, all the way down the footpaths

River Little Ouse – Santon Downhan, from the right bank downstream to Brandon

River Tas – near Mill Road in Stoke Holy Cross

River Thurne – from the Martham Ferry, provided you don’t fish from frontages of private property

River Wensum – eight locations:

  • A left bank 200m upstream and another 100m downstream of Ringland Bridge
  • A bank in Green Lane in Drayton, all along the public footpath and parks from Hellesdon Mill Pool to New Mills
  • From the Fye Bridge steps
  • In front of Cow Tower
  • On Bishop’s Bridge
  • Norwich Yacht Station
  • Foundry Bridge downstream and Carrow Bridge upstream
  • Thorpe Hamlet from the concrete wash control, a left bank 200m upstream and a right bank 100m downstream

River Yare – five locations:

  • Bawburgh, off the A47 10km west of Norwich
  • Bramerton, all along the footpath near Mill Hill
  • On Earlham Bridge
  • Thorpe Green, on the left bank downstream from the railway footbridge
  • Trowse Newton, alongside Whitlingham Lane
  • Postwick, Ferry Lane, 23 hard surfaced fishing pegs

Bear in mind that while river fishing is often free, it depends on the bank. Some are owned by fisheries and you have to check which ones require a permit or membership.

These are just a selection of some of the best fishing spots in Norfolk. Want to explore even further? You can also turn to Angling Trust and Live4Fishing, who both maintain maps of fishing spots. Of course many anglers like to venture out on their own, and discover the perfect location for themselves.