Top tips for Fish Care

Top tips for Fish Care

1 May 2018

With all the good weather we have had recently, you know those two days of summer, remember them? They did happen… I think.

But as we sit and dream about more warm British weather, we are all planning for our fishing trips when the weather finally comes around. So we thought we could share a little knowledge of fish care, for once you have caught them.

The best thing you can do before casting your rod into the water, is to set up your camp for the day, and, make sure everything is where you would need it. This makes the time out of the water for the fish as stress-free as possible.

Fishing camp set up next to lake

A sturdy chair

A staple for most fishing bases, we recommend the Nash Indulgence Daffy Long Legs. This is one of the most popular chairs in the world, offering great strength and comfort. This way, you’ll be ready to spring into action easily when the fish start to bite.


Fish being moved into a landing net

Landing nets

A good landing net should be big enough to fit your largest of catches comfortably, without harming the fish, but still portable enough to be carried to the bank with ease. It’s best to keep this near you at all times.

The JRC Cocoon Landing Net is a good choice, as it has a magnetic mesh retainer which helps to keep the mesh safe and out of the way of snags like the more traditional ring and clip systems. It also has a good reach, offering you a bit more help when in difficult fishing spots.


Carp in a fish cradle

Cradles and unhooking mats

Some anglers prefer to use both, and have a fishing mat near the water’s edge to help support the fish when you are pulling it out of the water, before moving it into a cradle to unhook the fish. This way, minimal damage from grit or dirt can be made to the fish.

Next to your unhooking mat, make sure you have all the things you need at arm’s length, such as forceps and a fish antiseptic kit to help sterilise any cuts and bruises caused landing the fish. It’s also best to keep a bucket of water next to you to keep the fish wet when out of the water.


Fisherman getting his photo taken with his latest catch

Weighing your Catch

Once you’ve unhooked the fish, of course you’ll want to weigh it and snap a picture with your latest catch, so make sure you have your camera to hand! When you weigh your fish, it’s best to put it in a weigh and recovery sling and have your scales nearby. This way, you can weigh it and pop it back into the water to recover before you let it swim off.


Carp being released back into the water

And of course, the most important thing, after you have released your fish, is to reward yourself with a fresh brew. Just make sure you have everything you would need with a handy brew kit bag.


Fisherman on the bank with a cup of tea

No matter what sort of fish you are planning on catching this season, we’ve got you covered for all your fishing needs.