Christmas gift ideas for people who like fishing

Christmas gift ideas for people who like fishing

13 December 2019

Christmas time is a nightmare for anyone who has an angler in the family! What to buy, how, where, when and why? Well, luckily, we’ve compiled a list of Christmas gift must-haves with the help of a man who has everything fishing wise, including a shop, Steve Collett from the Anglers Mail and owner of Harris Sportsmail.

There is always someone in the family, Wife, Girlfriend, Auntie, Grandma or Grandad who will ask us fisherfolk what to buy a fellow fishing fanatic. Some might say that us anglers already have everything, don’t we? Well, this is a load of rubbish as there’s always something in the tackle shop to buy. So, we’ve put together a list to make it easier for you, and so you don’t end up with billy the bass or fish slippers!

Carp anglers

Tackle boxes. You can’t beat a new tackle box, and no matter how big, there is always something that won’t fit in it. This year we’ve got our eyes firmly set on the new Korda boxes.

korda tackle box

Brew kits. If you like a cuppa as much as us, there’s always room under the tree for a new brew kit.

Fox brew kit

A new hoodie. The staple fashion item of the angler since 1975. We love the look of the new Korda and Nash hoodies that have been specifically designed for fishing, not just a Primark one that has a turkey stuck on it!

fishing hoodie

Gloves. Now don’t throw things at us, but gloves and men’s prezzies go hand in hand especially at Christmas, but these are different. The Savage Gear Shield Unhooking Gloves are made from soft, yet tear-resistant shell fabric with a strong hard-core Kevlar inside palm.

savage gear gloves

We all wear wellies or boots, and after a muddy session where do you put them? The Fox Camolite boot/wader bag is the perfect gift for keeping the car or van clean.

wellie boots

Coarse Anglers:

A towel. It might seem like a daft present but to an angler, a towel is vital, and Drennan have designed a specialist apron towel that prevents you from getting all slimy!

drennan apron towel

A hardcase is a cracking bit of kit, and would make a wonderful present. The Drennan 2 Rod hard case is probably Steve’s most used item this year.

drennan rod case

Guru Fusion cases are now an integral part of any anglers’ fishing gear; one for floats, one for feeders, and one that ends up with all sorts in it. A great present and cheap too.

guru fusion case

Guru Speed nets. You can’t have enough nets in our opinion, and if you’re going to carry a few, these are the ones you should be putting under that tree!

guru net

If your recipient is like Steve and short of hair, you want to keep your bonce warm and still look the part. The Drennan beanie is a great seller, and would make a perfect stocking filler.

drennan beanie hat

Lure fishing:

Any lure angler worth his salt would be delighted with a set of Mepps for Christmas. One of the most underrated types of lure, the humble spinner should be in everyone’s tackle box, and these kits are perfect for Christmas.

perch lure kit

If we were going to treat someone this Christmas, it would be with this new kit from Abu Garcia, specifically the Svartzonker X spinning combo with rod and reel. These combos are very good quality and would make any angler happy on Christmas day.

abu garcia spinning rod reel

If you really want to treat someone with something special, then the Revo MGXtreme spinning reel would be the object of desire for the big day.

abu garcia spinning reel

Going on holiday next year and want to make an angler happy, then pack a rod. The Savage Gear hitchhiker range has snuck into Steve’s cases this year and allowed him to sneak off for a bit of fishing, even on holiday. Such a great present.

savage gear travel lure rods

That prize catch is only just around the corner, and you’ll need to get that perfect photo to show your fellow anglers. The Fox Halo photography light will help you out, small, compact and really makes those photos stand out on dull days.

fox halo photography light

Game fisherman:

If Steve was a fly angler, he would put the Hardy Ultralite ASR fly reel first on his Christmas list. It’s simply a thing of beauty and will last forever.

hardy fly reel

For the Salmon angler, the ultimate gift would definitely have to be the Cascapedia fly reel. It’s a true tradition of excellence.

hardy fly reels

A handy little stocking filler for any game angler would be the quality Grip and Snip from Hardy. These will probably get used more than any other gift and they’re very cheap too.

hardy grip snip

A hat. Who wouldn’t want a new hat? The Hardy Trucker is our favourite, alongside the pumpkin classic hats. Every angler has to have one, so it’s a definite winner on the gift list.

hardy trucker hat

Finally, the perfect gift that will be used on every single fishing trip for years and years to come is, the HBX Test bag. This Hardy bag is of course made in England and some even get passed through generations of anglers.

hardy test bag