Brand Spotlight - Drennan

Brand Spotlight - Drennan

11 March 2020

At Harris Sportsmail, we’re experts in providing you with the best brands in fishing tackle – and when dealing with your float needs, Drennan have been superior in their craft since 1967.

With the simple goal of producing high-quality items at low prices, Drennan’s fishing products are amongst some of the most popular in Europe. Drennan’s boastful range of over 2500 products are developed by some incredible engineers and manufactured across their six factories.

Who Makes Up Drennan?

After completing an angling apprenticeship, alongside some of the best anglers of era, Peter Drennan started up crafting balsa wood floats from his mother’s garage. Considered to be a tackle expert, Drennan grew his business from a small start-up into an internationally recognised brand; with products being sold across most of Europe.

Their talented team of designers, engineers and consultants; which of course includes expert anglers, are tirelessly working on delivering impressive new products that will absolutely help you catch more fish!

Their association with champion anglers allows product research and testing to benefit and develop from an invaluable hands on information. Drennan are also proud sponsors of some of England’s best angling teams, including the Drennan Royal Air Force team!

What Goes into Drennan Floats?

Being big on the engineering, their innovative bobbers see a process involving Computer Aided Design (CAD) through to special purpose production machinery. The quality and reliable products evolve from high-tech plastic processing to ensure a lightweight yet durable float.

Drennan’s blow moulded loafer floats are the perfect weight to ensure gentle and effective casting. They’re much tougher now than balsa wood! Perfect for shallow water usage, the body of the float ensures a smooth strike, reducing disruption and limiting the chances of spooked fish.

The innovative range of Drennan floats we have to offer here at Harris Sportsmail cover a number of different uses for whatever weather or water type.

What Else Does Drennan Do?

Floats are far from the only Drennan products we stock online here at Harris Sportsmail, we showcase an extensive range of hundreds of products, varying from rods to a selection of waterproof clothing.

With over four major product launches a year, Drennan will never stop bringing you the latest developments in fishing equipment.