Its big perch time!

Its big perch time!

3 December 2020

As the water temperatures start to cool and the prey fish shoal up its the perfect time to get onto the latest and greatest tactics to bag a big perch.

First of all you are going to need a rod that not only feels good but transmits the slightest of bites through the rod blank, here are a few of my top secretions for UK style perch fishing.

This EFZETT Perch special 3-12g rod is perfect for sneaking around locks and canals and has an awesome action to help you set the hook.

My next choice is the superb 1 piece Solidz rod from Spro, in my opinion the best rod for jigs and ned style fishing available. Its one piece so it loses no action from the join and you can feel every knock on the bottom to differentiate snags from bites.

If crank baits are your thing then this next rod from Salmo is right up your street. With a casting range of 5-20g this rod lends itself to small cranks and spinners perfectly

Lure selection is a very personal thing, but I have managed to sort out a few real winners that have produced the goods time and again this year.

Spro Insta worms. You have all heard of the ned rig right, well these things turn the ned world on its head. Rather than being a stubby bait aimed at Largemouth Bass these enticing worms stick up on a standard jig and the tail does all the work.

Another floating bait that can be fished NED style but aimed at Perch and Zander is the Insta craw. With non native cray fish providing a huge part of the perch and Zander diet in the Uk this little lure stands out. With its floating claws it looks just like the real thing.

Crankbaits for Perch are also fantastic if the fish are on a feeding frenzy and you need to speed things up a bit, I have added a few of my favourite baits that have caught some huge perch this year.

The Rapala DT06 range is unique. The DT06 denotes that this lure Dives To 6 feet, perfect for a lot of canals and small rivers.

My next go to crankbait for Perch would be another lure from the Rapala stable the BX Brat. With a hybrid construction it is a very buoyant bait that gets a lot of strikes on the hang.

With a few of these great baits I hope you all manage to bag a few big perch, and dont forget if you need anymore specialist items aimed at getting you that greatest fish of all we have a number of experts at hand to give you great advice.

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