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Get 15% off everything using code FLASH15
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Anglers ultimate bucket list of fish

Anglers ultimate bucket list of fish

18 February 2020

If you could catch any fish in the world, which fish would you want to catch? Do you have your eye set on the rarest, the one that puts up a good fight or the beast of the water? We take a look at the top trophy fish that every angler seeks to catch at least once in their life.


One of the fastest fish in the sea, the Sailfish is considered the ultimate game fish and a tough one to catch! Reaching speeds up to 70mph, they will make you work for it. Typically found in warmer climates, you’ll have to travel to the likes of Thailand or Costa Rica to land this beauty.



Also known as the Mahi Mahi, the Dorado is literally a trophy fish, with its brilliant golden coloured scales. Catching a Dorado is like winning an Oscar. They’re not necessarily the most difficult to hook up, due to their greedy nature, but don’t let this lure you into a false sense of security, as this fish can reach some magnificent speeds once hooked.

dorado fish

Bluefin Tuna

The sheer strength of a Bluefin Tuna is something every angler must experience! Built like torpedoes, they have the sharpest vision and an average size of 550lbs and 6.5 feet in length; taller than the average human! The biggest ever Bluefin Tuna caught, to date, was in 1979 weighing in at a monstrous 1496lbs – could you beat that?

Bluefin Tuna fish

Blue Marlin

The Blue Marlin is classed as the holy grail of fish to catch. With an average size of 11 feet, you’ll be struggling to reel this one in! They’re mostly known for their long bill at the front of their heads which they use to stun their prey by waving it from side-to-side. So, imagine what they’ll be doing to your bait/lure.

Blue Marlin fish


You’ll definitely be saying ‘WAHOO’ when you catch this fish! The Wahoo is another fast swimmer, reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour. Described as a torpedo with wings, they also have particularly sharp teeth and are known to strike a last-minute attack. So, watch out when you reel them out of the water!

wahoo fish

Giant Trevally

Known for their fighting spirit, the Giant Trevally lives up to its name of being the ‘warrior of the sea’. This fish has become a very popular catch amongst lure and fly anglers, but you’ll need to keep those lines tight as they often chase down your lure or fly before engulfing it.

giant trevally fish


Now this is a fish who knows how to jump. The Tarpon is a rather acrobatic fish that can leap out of the water up to ten feet high. And it doesn’t stop there as they rattle their gills, like a snake, to show their aggression. Quite frankly catching this fish is rather trial and error, but as soon as it leaps into the air you have to slack the line, otherwise its rigorous head shakes will snap it.

tarpon fish

So, which fish will you be trying to catch next? If you’re going to try and catch any of these fish, you’ll need some expert gear. Luckily, at Harris Sportsmail we stock the latest cutting-edging fishing tackle so you can tick that beauty off your bucket list!