UK Fishing Trip: Things to Consider

UK Fishing Trip: Things to Consider

30 June 2020

Now we’re back angling again and from the 4th of July restrictions will begin to ease in parts of the UK, it’s time to start planning that long awaited fishing trip! With staycations being the safest form of holiday on the horizon, we’ve outlined a few considerations for you.


Dependent on whether you’re going with friends or family, you need to agree upon a budget. Fishing trips have potential to be costly if you go all out, but can also be done for next to nothing. How much money you spend will be influenced by the location, whether you need to rent a boat and accommodation.


First things first, where are you going to go? You need to check the waters you choose allow fishing, and are adequate. You’re probably going to need a tent of sorts, although we’re back angling, hotels and other accommodation options are probably still out of reach. After spending months indoors, what could be better than spending a few nights in nature?

If you’re in the UK, we previously put together a blog on our customers favourite UK fishing spots, including the Norfolk Broads, which is closest to the Harris Sportsmail shop, should you need a tackle top up.

Remember to be considerate, don’t leave rubbish behind, and be respectful of the area you’re in.

The Waters

Knowing the type of fish to be expected wherever you choose might influence the bait and other tackle you bring, so ensure you research this beforehand. Knowing any regulations that might be present in the area is important. Understand the rules and you won’t have any unseen issues.


In this strange new distanced world, you’ll need to consider whether you’ll have enough space between you and other anglers, and even those who might be joining you, say you’re not from the same household.

Safety also needs to be considered when travelling to your chosen destination. Taking your own car is advisable over public transport.

The Gear

Pretty obvious yes, but you’ll need some tackle! New to fishing? Check out our fishing equipment for beginners blog. Rods that can break down into four parts are much easier for travel, a sturdy reel (perhaps a spare), and your baits/lures are the minimum.

It’s all well and good being kitted out, but do you have a fishing licence? If you’re fishing in England or Wales, you’ll need one, so click here to get yours.


It might be summer, but if you’re in the UK, don’t assume you won’t need the waterproof. It can get cold at night, and dependant on location, it can get cooler on the water so bring enough layers. Consider waders and sensible footwear, flip flops probably shouldn't be top of the list.

Food and Drink

The UK is big on catch-and-release and there are laws about what you can take from the rivers, so you’ll need other supplies too. Dependent on the length of your trip, you’ll need to bring enough water, food, and something to cook it with where applicable.

Take the Family

Even if they don’t share your passion for angling just yet, what better time to show them? Months of lockdown across the globe has seen us all glued to screens and pretty bored, the promise of a few nights’ staycation might be all it takes to get them racing to the car.

While we are fortunate enough to be back angling, it might be a while until everything is ‘normal’ so precautions should be taken to ensure a fun, but safe trip…don’t forget the hand sanitiser, sun cream and any medications needed.