Brand Spotlight: Savage Gear

Brand Spotlight: Savage Gear

6 December 2018

At Harris Sportsmail, we like to offer you the very best – and when it comes to predator fishing, Savage Gear is one of the most respected and revered brands in the world.

Their equipment is designed for targeting any large predator fish, but with an emphasis on pike, perch and zander. Their innovative lures and general high-quality fishing tackle have made them a force to be reckoned with in the world of predator fishing. Aside from lures, they also make some of the best and most unique rods, reels, line and clothing on the market.

Who Makes Up Savage Gear?

Founder and designer Mads Grosell is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He started building lures and rods as a hobby, which grew into a big company with international distribution. He still paints the first version of every Savage Gear lure, which the production line recreates.

Most of the production crew is drawn from Scandinavian countries, much like their founder. When you buy Savage Gear, you get the typical excellent design and manufacturing expected from there and their origin has influenced many of their products, like the Line Thru Sandeel.

The Baltic Sea is brackish with fresh and saltwater, and has a wide variety of predator fish. This Nordic background informed their big baits, sold under the header “go big or go home”. This is part of the reason their style of innovative, high quality tackle is otherwise unseen in the conventional market. Other manufacturers try to copy the Scandinavian style, but Savage Gear lives it.

What Goes into Savage Gear Lures?

Their uniquely designed swimbaits, crankbaits and soft plastic lures are all crafted to help anglers achieve solid strikes. It all starts with 3D scanning and prototyping, often with real animals. You can see the results with lures like the 3D Suicide Duck, Snake and Line Thru Pike.

Their lures are considered among the most reliable and lifelike jointed baits money can buy. They’re specially designed to move naturally when swimming and on the pause. According to this interview, Mads Grossel spends about 100 days a year on the production line. Along with comprehensive, physical field testing, the result is a wide range of lures that work in the real world.

What Else Does Savage Gear Do?

Here at Harris Sportsmail, you can find an extensive selection of other Savage Gear products, including specialist rods, reels and line. As well as this, there is also a good selection of waterproof clothing, including items like the HeatLite Thermo Jacket and HeatLite Thermo Bib and Brace.

We stock hundreds of Savage Gear products in our online store, and we’ve always been very impressed. That’s why we’re always so keen to endorse them. A lot of their gear flies off our shelves, so if you want it, you might have to be quick to avoid disappointment.