How to Tie & Fish with a Chod Rig

How to Tie & Fish with a Chod Rig

26 February 2019

Chod rigs have become a favoured weapon in the armoury of the modern-day carp angler. But just what is a chod rig and why are they so successful? Essentially, a chod rig is a cast anywhere, fish anywhere rig that lets anglers present their bait over any type of bottom. It’s especially suited to catching bottom-feeding fish like carp.

What Is Chod?

Chod is the name given to the debris, such as leaf matter, that is found on the bottom of any kind of water. At certain times of the year, there can be much more of this on the bottom matter, due to things like leaf fall. However, a specific chod rig can be used at any time of year.

How to Set up the Rig

The rig is pretty straightforward to set up. You need a rigid section of fluorocarbon above your lead and this is baited with a pop up. The hook should be long enough to slide up and down your mainline and, because of the pop up, it will sit just above the debris on the bottom.

There are two main types of chod rig set up:

  1. The standard set up, which is fished together with the leadcore.

  2. The naked chod, which is fished directly onto your mainline.

The standard chod rig is best used where the weeds or silt debris isn’t too bad, making it a great year-round rig. The naked chod rig is more suited to the situations or times of year when the silt, weed growth or leaf debris is very bad. For example, if you’re fishing in about four metres of water and the weed growth or debris is approaching half of this, a standard chod would be completely immersed. The naked chod lets your bait rise up as far as is needed.

When using a chod rig, it’s very important that you use a good-quality pop up. This needs to be very buoyant and well balanced. This is so when you cast your chod rig out, the lead sinks to the bottom and your hook flies back up the line and sits above the weeds where you stand the best chance of a catch.

When to Use a Chod Rig

Of course, as with any fishing set up, the skill is knowing when and when not to use it. So, for example, in clean areas or places where the bottom is mostly gravel, a bottom bait would probably be more successful.

The chod rig is a useful tool for your fishing toolkit. It can be especially useful in the autumn months when waters are dirtier and have more leaf litter and other debris. If you’re looking for more information about chod rigs or the right kit to help you get it set up, then check out our selection of fishing equipment here at Harris Sportsmail. We have everything you need for all kinds of fishing, at any time of the year.