How to Catch Perch

How to Catch Perch

13 March 2019

Although relatively small, perch are a prized catch for many anglers. They can usually be caught in large numbers, which is one of the reasons they’re so popular. They are also agile and put up a good fight, which makes them a very satisfying catch. And although they’re not the biggest fish you can land, a top specimen can be something really beautiful to behold. But just how do you go about catching perch?

Below, we outline how to fish for perch, including everything you need to know about location, tackle, bait and more. But we’ll start with some general information about the fish itself.

About the Perch

Freshwater perch, known as yellow perch, grow to a size of roughly twelve inches. They have a spiny back and small sharp teeth. They’re usually found in smaller lakes and rivers, feeding on insects and small fish. Freshwater perch are generally easy to catch all year round, but spawn in the spring and can be bigger in the winter time.

They tend to travel in shoals, so when you find one, it usually means there are more around.

What’s the Best Perch Tackle?

First off, you don’t need a thick line or a big rod to catch perch. A 6lb test line and lightweight rod should be all you need. You also only need small hooks, as these are not huge fish. If your hook is too big, the perch will simply nibble around the hook and eat the bait. You can also try using a spinner, which will attract the perch, especially on a sunny day.

Try fishing in rock or weed beds, as you generally won’t find perch in large open bodies of water. Cast out over weed beds to see if you can see any perch, and once you’ve seen one, you can be pretty sure there will be more about.

What Is the Best Bait for Perch?

The simplest answer is to use live bait. This is by far the best way to catch a perch. It’s possible to catch them on plastic bait, but it’s always better to opt for live bait. The best set-up is the hook sinker with a worm bait. Although you can also use a spinner tipped with a worm or a small jig head with a worm or minnow bait.

Perch fishing with worms tends to produce the best results, but maggots, prawns and lobworms are also amongst the best bait for catching perch. You can also try feeding the perch, spreading some maggots over the area you intend to fish. But don’t go overboard as perch are small and can fill themselves up quickly.

Here at Harris Sportsmail, you can find everything you need to catch perch. From rods and tackle, to bait equipment and more. Set yourself up with the right equipment, choose the best live bait and look forward to some great times catching perch – one of the most satisfying freshwater fish to catch.