Anglers Against Litter: How to get involved

Anglers Against Litter: How to get involved

2 October 2020

You may have seen the pictures of litter sprawled parks, beaches, caravan sites and more in recent months. Unfortunately, our banks can be no different. While most of us pride ourselves on clearing up our peg, removing all our rubbish, and generally leaving the place as we found it; littering is still a societal problem.

Now don’t get me wrong, the fight against litter does not fall upon anglers’ shoulders alone, but as lovers of the environment, our waters and its inhabitants, we can do our bit to protect and conserve. Helping to keep our fragile freshwater and coastal environments free from rubbish will not only help the wildlife and reduce pollution, but also better the community.

Anglers Against Litter: what is it?

Anglers Against Litter is the Angling Trust’s campaign against litter and plastic pollution in freshwater and marine environments. Backed by the Environment Agency, they hope to grow support from anglers, fisheries, and tackle retailers in reducing litter pollution by removing throwaway plastic and debris.

Why is supporting the campaign so important?

No one likes turning up to the bank, shore or lake and finding a sea of litter, if you will. However, a spoiled view is not the biggest problem at hand. Litter can have an immense impact of the welfare of our aquatic friends. Plastic introduces toxic pollutions to our waters and when broken down it’s then consumed by fish.

The Take 5 campaign

Getting involved and pledging your support to Anglers Against Litter isn’t going to cost you your weekends, empty your bank account, or take time away from your fishing trip. You can simply just Take 5. Whether you take 5 stray items away with you or take 5 minutes to look around and remove forgotten rubbish – it really can be that simple.

What difference will that make? I hear you chime. Well, if every angler in the country supported the Take 5 campaign just once a year, anglers alone would be responsible for removing 15 million items of litter from the environment. Pretty impressive, right? Pledge your support for Anglers Against Litter here, and make sure your club, fishery and friends get involved too.

What if I’m not in the UK?

There will be organisations everywhere pledging to fight against litter pollution and conserve our waters. Whether you get involved in one directly or not, anyone anywhere can practice the

Take 5 approach.

Want to know more?

Download the campaign poster

Read the letter to local councils

What else can I do to help?

You can recycle certain lines with the Angling National Line Recycling Scheme. Not only can discarded line pose a threat to wildlife, but more than 400 million metres of line are sent to landfill. They currently recycle Nylon monofilament, braided lines/fly backing and fly lines, so its well worth finding your nearest drop point!

If you’re located in Norfolk, you can bring your used line to our store in North Walsham where we offer a free re-spooling service. You can take advantage of a 10% discount on new line bought when you recycle through us.