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6lb 0.20mm - 100m1
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"In more than 40 years of fishing and 50 plus years of angling, I've never seen a reel line as good as Drennan Supplex." - Peter Drennan

Monofilament falls into two distinct catagories; The first is stuff that's long life, tough, abrasion resistant and doesn't damage easily. Unfortunately, it is prone to being springy and and come off the reel in coils. The second category is extremely supple and limp and very easy to manage both on the reel and in casting. But it tends to be soft and more prone to damage. Amazingly, Drennan Supplex has the best of both. It's incredibly supple (that's how it gets its name!) but at the same time it's tough, long life, abrasion resistant and not prone to damage, including shot damage.

"Drennan Supplex is the best mono I have ever used. It's ultra fine and strong, damage resistant and so slick and supple it even improves casting." - Alan Scotthorne, 5 time world champion

The nominal breaking strain quoted is an easily achievable knot strength. However, with carefully tied knots like the technically superior five turn Grinner, a higher average can be achieved.
3lb: 3.8lb (1.7kg)
4lb: 4.9lb (2.2kg)
5lb: 5.8lb (2.6kg)
6lb: 6.9lb (3.1kg)
8lb: 8.9lb (4.0kg)
10lb: 10.7lb (4.8kg)
12lb: 12.6lb (5.7kg)

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Reviews (3)
There are3reviews with an average rating of 5.00
Andy from United Kingdom - England WalesOwner26 December 2012 12:02
This line has some stretch and is a low diameter but also has the softest and most supple feel of any mono I have used.
This is my fourth spool of this line, it is as good as they say
Zoran_KG from SerbiaOwner28 January 2014 15:44
This is the best Monofilament I've ever used.
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