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Chub 20 Peg Pack
Chub RS-Plus Overwrap
Chub RS-Plus Max Overwrap
RRP £84.99
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RRP £129.99
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Chub Visor Lite Bivvy Overwrap
Chub Vizor Lite Bivvy
Chub Vantage Overwrap
RRP £239.99
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RRP £439.99
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RRP £189.99
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Chub Vantage Bivvy
Chub RS Plus Shelter
Chub RS Plus Max Bivvy
RRP £439.99
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RRP £139.99
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RRP £189.99
Save 16%
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Chub RS Plus Bivvy
Chub Oval Umbrella
Chub Tri Brid Shelter
RRP £169.99
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RRP £79.99
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RRP £94.99
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Chub Bivvy Pegs
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At Chub we pride ourselves on a development process that sees some of the best anglers in the country input into product design. All items are taken through a rigorous testing programme to ensure they stand up to your demands, and ultimately give you greater enjoyment on the bank.

Our range of Carp Rods and Bivvies is central to what we do, but we must not forget about the most important area of our sport - fish care. We spend so much time chasing our valuable quarry that we must ensure the fish are as protected as possible when they are outside of their natural environment. Take a look at our range of unhooking and protection mats.

Carp fishing is most definitely growing. Every month we see new waters opening, or older ones maturing into fisheries that we dreamt about as kids. The fish are getting bigger, techniques are constantly developing, and our tackle simply must keep up the pace.

Chub became part of the Hardy & Greys family in 2005, already an established brand with a reputation for great carping gear and accessories.